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The Invitation

Wanted to share a story for this weeks Monday Minutes! Hope it helps/inspires someone this week.

This past week I made an uncharacteristic choice, I allowed my father to know all my weekend plans…or my lack of plans. I forgot to book a hotel for my out of town trip (insanely uncharacteristic for me), had no plan on when I was leaving for this long road trip. All I knew was that I just had to go! Nothing was gonna stop me even if I had to sleep in my car.

What I didn’t realize was that in my fathers mind, the sudden spilling of information was viewed as an invitation for him into my weekend. Much to my horror… at first.

It became his mission to make sure that I had the best accommodations as possible. Calling hotels at all hours of the night to see if any of his discounts would work or if prices would drop when cancelations came in. He was searching for the best possible place as close to my destination for me, all week long! Even though I protested that location didn’t matter, it fell on deaf ears. His main objective was that I was in a safe location as close to my venue as possible.

This also meant that I didn’t book the room until the morning I was leaving…(but the room was literally the nicest room I've stayed in in my whole life and I have done a ton of traveling and stayed in hotel suites so that's really saying something)

But the most impactful part of this interaction came not from the booking of the hotel room, but from my fathers very apparent deep caring for my safety.

I was leaving at 3:30 am (aka zero dark thirty). When I woke and left my bedroom to head downstairs, I noticed that the lights were on downstairs and my father was awake. It hit me that he wasn’t just awake, he never went to sleep! He stayed up all night to make sure that he was up to wake me up on time and send me on my way. And if that wasn’t enough to get me all teary eyed and feeling like crap for complaining about his crazy overprotective obsessive actions all week, I hear my previously very asleep mother begin to descend the stairs. This is the woman who had given me a hug at 5:30pm the day before and wished me safe travels because she was betting on not seeing me again before I left. And she woke up at zero dark 30 just to give me yet another hug and send me on my way… their love breaks me!

Oh but that’s not all. One peaceful hour into my drive just slightly after I've passed Prim Nevada and crossed into the blissful land that is California, my phone rings. Of course the ringtone is "Crank Dat Holy Ghost" a song which starts with the phrase "G.O.D. up in the building" which made it even more ironic when I realized it was my father calling. And at that point I realized that he still had not gone to sleep. He stayed up and readily available incase I needed him at all. He called to check on me and I allowed and accepted that love because I knew that it was genuinely his pleasure to do so.

At the end of that call I spent the next 2 hours realizing how this whole incident with my father all week related to my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

God is such a gentleman. Just like my dad, he will wait till he is invited before he really gets involved in your current situation. When we were first saved, one of the requirements was to ASK Jesus into our hearts to be our Lord. And for the rest of our lives we know that we have someone in our corner, just waiting for a new request to be put to work. The fabric of his love being that he wants to help us and be there for us in every situation. Be we have to allow him to be exactly who he is...a lover and a giver of his absolute best.

Most of the time, I'm very convinced that I am an actual genius and can do it all myself. Not willing to give much space for anyone else to have a say in my plans. But when I do (even unknowingly) give an invitation into my not so ideal situations, everything changes. I Shark Tank my plans and come to my heavenly father with a proposal. 30% stake in my current situation if he would just take this little part of the weight off my shoulders.

And I've noticed that in my relationship with God, he takes that initial 30% stake because he can work with it. I know that He knows that in the end He will have 100% stake because after some fighting and tears and long arguments on the validity of the mind that I remind him HE GAVE ME, I concede to the notion that even though HE gave me this beautiful brain, his ways are still superior to mine. Just as my fathers hotel plans turned out to be far superior to mine.

I was gonna do enough just to get by. I really only needed a place to rest my head that wasn’t going to break my bank. But I didn’t know that my dad was gonna help with the cost. I didn’t think about his investment in the relationship and my situation. The moment I allowed my father full control over what happened to me, placing it all in his hands, I felt a peace wash over me. Finally for the first time the entire week I went to bed with the knowledge that it all was going to work out. And it did!

I wonder how much easier my week would have been if I had just given my father 100% stake in the situation from the start instead of my fighting him on every new hotel suggestion?

In the message version of the bible 1 Peter 5:7 says:

“Live carefree before God;

He is most careful with you"


and the King James version of verses 6-7 it says:

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting your care upon him; for he careth for you".


I want to encourage you this week to consider the thing in your life that you are only giving God 30% stake in. That thing that has been tugging at your heart daily that you just cant quite seem to find a solution to. Just one short prayer away there is a father who is searching, waiting for an invitation to take 100% stake in your situation. He has the experience, he knows exactly what you need and cares so much to see you through your situation. He want's it all! What will it take for you to surrender your hold? Don’t miss your blessing this week! Take hold of your blessing, by letting go and sending out that invitation to your life.