Strangers - Are they better quality friends than you?

I know ive said this before on this blog but my absolute favorite part about Spartan Races and even the OCR (obstacle course race) community is just that, the community! From the moment you get to the starting line until you cross the finish line you are gifted with thousands of your own personal cheerleaders. This weekend i met a woman named Heather. We met at an obstacle around mile 4 and she stayed with me for the next 4 miles even though i knew (and im sure she knew) that she was faster than me and could have moved forward. But she stayed and talked to me and shared her story (honored and inspired by that level of trust and vulnerability) and encouraged me through that finish line. And i’ve met someone like her on EVERY SINGLE COURSE i’ve run!!

And its not even just the people that stay with you that matter. Sometimes you don’t need that. Many times it’s those people that when you stop on the side of a trail to catch your breath, they tell you

You got this! -  Good job spartan! -  Keep Going -  You Can Do This -  You’re almost there.

Or your dehydrated and they offer you water. Or you have cramps and they offer you mustard (it works trust me). Or you can’t get over a wall or obstacle by yourself and they refuse to leave until they help you complete that obstacle. Everyone genuinely cares about you and your success on the course. Complete strangers who for several hours, are the most humble, inspiring part of one of the best support systems you will ever experience. And these strangers quickly become family through our shared experiences. It’s a bond that’s really hard to explain.

It gives me Joy

I LOVE receiving this support and also being a vessel to give that support to others as well. I got to help a man over an obstacle near the beginning of the race this weekend. He was going to take the penalty burpees for not completing the obstacle but myself and 2 others were not going to let him do that. It took several tries but man was it a moment when he finally made it over! Pure unadulterated joy in my heart seeing someone do something that they were ready to give up on because they were sure they could not do it.  It’s literally the best feeling ever!!

My Revelation

Racing is a very spiritual for me. Every race God teaches me a new lesson or we have a really great conversation on top of a mountain (typically tear filled). This time I was challenged.

What if I treated my everyday life friends the same way total strangers treat each other on the race course?

Our friends deserve the same, if not more support from us in their every day lives. When they struggle we should be pointing them towards the word of God, towards the one who has all the answers. Little encouragements like a text in the morning, screen shot of a devotion you’ve been meditating on that might help them, praying for them, JUST LISTENING TO THEM, rooting for them, asking how you can help and then doing it, rejoicing for them before they do, being excited when they finally do succeed.

It’s a 2 way street. 

The one who struggles must be willing to be vulnerable enough to share their struggles. And the non struggling friend must be willing to come along for the ride with their friend and point the towards Jesus at every crossroad. And that doesn’t mean that you have to have all the answers... thats totally unrealistic! The Lord can fill your mouth with the right things to say (or wisdom what not to say) when we ask.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. - Matthew 7:7

Repeat Offenders

So you fail once, its fine! Get back up and try again. Then you fail again. GET BACK UP! You aren’t finished! There’s so much more purpose in your life to be fulfilled. Get through it, you’ll be amazed at how strong you really are. When you’re on the other side of that struggle, make sure to share your story and become part of someone elses support system the way your friends were for you.

Support System

Be there until the finish line! Fully present motivators. Many times you can see something in them they cannot yet see. Remind them who they are and who’s they are until they believe it

I know the way. I AM MOANAaaaaaa!!!!!! 


Who are we. I AM SPARTAN! Who are we. I AM SPARTAN! AROO, AROO, AROO!

Yes it can be exhausting, but you get to grow from that experience as well. Hold on tight for the ride.  It’s worth it! - Destinee