Isaiah 31:1-3 msg

1-3 Doom to those who go off to Egypt
    thinking that horses can help them,
Impressed by military mathematics,
    awed by sheer numbers of chariots and riders—
And to The Holy of Israel, not even a glance,
    not so much as a prayer to God.
Still, he must be reckoned with,
    a most wise God who knows what he’s doing.
He can call down catastrophe.
    He’s a God who does what he says.
He intervenes in the work of those who do wrong,
    stands up against interfering evildoers.
Egyptians are mortal, not God,
    and their horses are flesh, not Spirit.
When God gives the signal, helpers and helped alike
    will fall in a heap and share the same dirt grave.

What do you depend on when things get rough? Who do you trust in? America is a prosperous and powerful nation as was Egypt during this time, and yet God was pointing out their pride in not turning to HIM. As a nation it is obvious that we are not impervious to danger - and we cannot trust in military strategy alone. In the same way in our own personal lives we must learn to trust in God alone for our security, peace and wholeness. Let's search our hearts this week and place God as our #1 security - what could be more secure than putting your trust in the one who loves you more than anyone worse?