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Passion and Creativity

This new year has arrived and we are already well into the middle of January 

Maybe you have already been working on and achieving your goals or maybe you have just been chillen! LOL no judgements here! However this coming week and in the next few weeks I want to share with you what's been on my heart for this new year and what I believe God wants for each of us to live in this year - 2017! 

I believe more than anything God wants us to live with a sense of passion and creativity! 

When we are first starting out on something these are the things that keep us inspired and ultimately these two things are the things that will continue to keep us motivated throughout the year! 

Discipline is good, balance is good - not yielding to negative feelings is for sure necessary but if we don't have anything to counteract those negative feelings with then we aren't really left with much but too be honest a sense of legalism! And nobody wants that! 

God is the giver of LIFE of beauty! Beauty that inspires! There was a beautiful sunset tonight and a beautiful rainbow across the city! 

To be honest I wasn't much in the mood to work on a Saturday night but that sunset inspired me! 

There is nothing like beauty to inspire passion! 

God intended beauty to do just that for us - to point us to heaven and inspire us to TRULY LIVE and create with PASSION! 

God is the author of all that is GOOD! 

We are doing vision boards this weekend and I absolutely LOVE it!


Because its easy creativity and I love creative stuff and also because it gives me vision and hope for the future.

You see hope is like an anchor for your soul.

Maybe you are still reeling from the past events of 2016 and a little nervous and unsure of what's to come! 

Come out to our VISION BOARD night and see what can happen when we get together to pray over our future and get a little artsy!

Stay up to date on what we will be posting on passions and creativity this week - we will have daily scriptures to encourage you and BLOGS to INSPIRE! 

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