Orlando Needs Our Love

In light of the current events that unfolded recently in Orlando Florida I'm sure we are all experiencing a wide range of emotions. From shock horror disgust and sorrow for the victims and the state of our nation as a whole. I for one was thankful to be in church this Sunday and to hear an encouraging message from our Pastor. I was also incredibly humbled and thankful for the opportunity to pray with my church family for the victims in this tragedy and for our nation.    

As a young adult I am struck by the importance of love without compromise. In situations such as these there is no room for hate, political agenda, and apathy. Anyone with a soul is touched by this tragedy. Confusion and fear are knee jerk reactions in a time such as this and yet I am reminded that God is still in control in spite of the times we are currently living in... As difficult as it is to process a situation such as this the one thing we need more than ever is a spirit of PEACE and LOVE.

As Our Pastor preached this Sunday such timely message about the power of Intercessory prayer and the Holy Spirits enabling power to make up the difference when we are weakened by the cares of life; I was reminded that in times like these where God seems distant he is in fact near. Jesus Christ came for the broken hearted, he bled for the bleeding and he mourned for the hurting. Let this be a reminder that as Christ followers we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That we are to cry out to God on behalf of the hurting not only in times like these but on a daily basis. Let us be the ambassadors he has called us to be for such a time as this and let LOVE and PEACE reign in our hearts and minds in Jesus name.     

Lots of Love,