Leave the Bad Stuff in the Trash

So last night we had kickback and Minister Ty talked about being vulnerable. That vulnerability is courageous. So in an effort to do my spiritual homework I am going to try and be vulnerable with you. 

This past weekend I was tired


And it was the easiest thing in the world to go into a deep negative hole. I was being bombarded by negative thoughts and emotions and it seemed like I couldn't come up for air.


When you are at your weakest it's easy to internalize someone's flippant comment but when someone says something encouraging it can also be like a breath of fresh air. We are our own worst critics so any criticism from anyone else can be a killer not necessarily because of what they think but because of what you already know to be true about yourself. 

Let's internalize the good stuff and leave the bad stuff in the trash! 

The devil would like nothing more for you but to keep circling your same mountains and thought patterns and even if you haven't gone there in a while he will try you again when you are feeling weak and frustrated.


But God almighty wants us to enter into rest! His plan for us is always rest no matter what is going on in our own personal lives or the world at large. 

I can imagine God not happy at all about our misfortunes or sadness but oh so happy when we come to him unhindered and desperate like a child in need because loves us so much and just wants to be with us and hear all about it. What an amazing and wonderful Father! 

He gives us perspective and makes us into the people that we were truly meant to be. He sees our good qualities and adores us for who we truly are. What a comforting reality. 

Keep checking up on us for the BLOGS we will be posting this week. Destinee inspired me to write because of her BLOG yesterday and it's funny I already had it on my heart to write along these same lines. So keep up with us. I will be mediating on entering into Gods rest and continue to write daily. 

Love Ash