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Kickback: The Comeback

Last week at Kickback we started a discussion based on the book “The Comeback” by Louie Giglio.

“There is no dream of yours that’s been dashed, mistake you have made, or tragedy you can encounter that God cannot redeem, restore and make new...but you have a part to play.” _ The Comeback (12)

We talked about what it would take for us to be open to the comeback God wants to orchestrate in our lives. We shared stories we had heard where God completely restarted someones story. It was a great time of connecting with others and being open and honest about things that go on in our lives.At the end of the night we were challenged. We were instructed to take a few minutes to pray and then answer the following question on a blank piece of paper. It would go in a sealed envelope that we would get back at the end of our discussion on this series and no one would ever see it but us. Here’s the question...

If God could change one thing in my life right now, what would I want that to be? 

Once we wrote our answer (or answers cause some people had a short list) on the back of that paper in large letters we wrote the word “HELP!” as a sign of being open to God’s movement in those areas of our lives. 

Well we wanted to give you all the opportunity to take part in this challenge. Next week at kickback we will have paper and envelopes for you to participate in this as well. Or if you want to do it at home and give it to Minister Ty at church that would be fine as well. We will continue our study on “The Comeback” next Monday night at 8pm. 

If you want to follow along with the study theres a link below to buy the book on amazon or Kindle. We will see you next week.