I Am Created

I am Created by God

Genesis 1:26-27

The world is always in question about how we came to be. They have all these different theories about explosions and monkeys, but we can definitely see that we are created by God.

That’s a cool thing to know. God made us. The all knowing everlasting God made us. Thank God we weren’t made by an explosion. If we were, there is no telling what we would look like. Some of us might have had a nose on the back of our head or something weird like that. God is our creator. He made every part of us to work perfectly and naturally. Another crazy part is what we are created out of. Genesis 2:7 says that we are created from the dust of the earth. That’s kinda weird. We should probably look different if we are just dirt. God breathed his life into us. The life of God is what turned us from dust into well US. That means the life of God is inside of us wherever we go. It’s part of our DNA. We didn’t have to do anything to get it, we just have it. That’s how we were created.

God didn’t just create us to sit here and do nothing. He also created us with a specific plan in mind. Jeremiah 29:11 says that he has a great plan for us. He created the plan for us. He didn’t just create a plan for us, he created us with the tools and gifts to do it. He knows exactly what plan is best for you and he knows every tool he gave you. You might think you know what your gifts are but God knows the gifts you know about and the ones that you don’t know about. Why? Because he is the one that gave them to you. God created you!

God created man in the image and likeness of himself. That means we look exactly like God. Why do we all look different then? God wasn’t referring to physical appearance when he said that. God is not a physical being so our appearance (skin) cannot look like him. We all look like Him because the life of God was breathed into us when we were created. Every one of us carry this life inside of us. This same life is what is able to love people and help people. This life was given to us so that we could grow and share it with other people. It look liking giving a homeless person some money or food. It looks like helping your parents with stuff. It looks like encouraging people.

In conclusion, God created us with so many amazing things. We are so cool. God created everyone with gifts and talents. We are all talented in some way. We are also created to look like God. That is so cool to me. God the creator of everything created us. We are the only creation that God breathed this life into. We are amazing creatures. God is an amazing artist!