Fight With Prayer


When it comes to fighting for the plan of God for my life or for yours, it is imperative that we learn how to pray.

Let me start out by telling you about The Legend of Honi; I found this legend when I was reading an amazing book by Mark Batterson called The Circle Maker. In this book Batterson tells about his miraculous journey of faith in starting a church in Washington D.C. He said he circled his prayers in faith just as the eccentric sage Honi did in a time in Jerusalem when there was no rain. As legend has it, Honi made a circle around himself as he prayed for rain and the torrential downpour came! If we are going to fight for the big dreams God has for our lives we must fight with our prayers.

We must be relentless and confident in our prayers. As the legend of Honi says, he prayed like water that flowed from a well - he prayed humbly with an inner confidence and assurance. When we pray it is important to know what you are praying for. Beyond your current struggle, you must have spiritual goals in the same way that you write down natural goals for your life. And it's not just about using the right words to get what we want, but it's about praying with that right heart and attitude. When we pray this way we can expect the RAIN to fall! Lets purify our inner life and fill it with the Holy Spirit so we can fully pray and fight from a place of faith. A place that looks beyond the problem and allows God to show up and show out in our lives! Open your spiritual eyes to see that the answers to your "problems" are in Gods hands.

It is only when we SEE God as a God who IS FOR US, that we can fight from a stance of BOLDNESS! The devils big LIE is that God is against you. Ever since the beginning, the devil has worked hard using subtle lies to undermine Gods character. But when you see God for who he is, then you can PRAY or FIGHT with a different perspective! A perspective of faith for your future! Lets pray BOLD prayers! God loves to answer BOLD prayers because it gives him an opportunity to show his strength and magnificent miraculous nature on your behalf.
According to the Circle Maker book; "Prayers are the BEST PREDICTORS of your SPIRITUAL future and who you become is determined by how you PRAY." You could say that your potential to become a GREAT fighter in God's kingdom - one who WINS many victories, is determined by how well you develop your prayer life!

Another quote from the Circle Maker is this: "Miracles are the by-product of prayers that were prayed by you and for you." Basically what he is saying is that when you pray - you invite the God of Miracles into your situation and all bets are off! There is an element of surprise that says, I don't know how or when but I know God will answer my prayer!

When you are facing a mountain in your life, there is no greater example than the wall of Jericho. When you circle the situation or the mountain in faith trusting God to fight the battle for us the while we pray, the wall MUST FALL! Let's learn to SEE situations through the eyes of FAITH so that we can take our place in God's Army and watch as God miraculously causes the WALLS to FALL in our LIVES so that we can possess HIS promises!