Fight The Good Fight: Fight With Your Words!


"Frame your world with your words." - Dr. Caroline Leaf

Many times when we are young, our passion for God burns bright and the desire to please God and follow after his will is pure. But in order to really accomplish the will of God for our lives it's important that we learn how to fight for it and how to fight well!

Many times, the biggest battle we will have is the battle between our ears. I was listening to Pastor Mark Hankins preach last night and he quoted Norman Vincent Peale saying that the most difficult person we will ever have to deal with is ourselves. Many times we may have infinitely more patience with someone else besides ourselves because our own flaws are so near and clear to us.

It's too bad we can't take a flight to get away from ourselves! So we might as well learn how to get along with ourselves. Instead of focusing on our flaws let's choose to learn how to fight the good fight of faith!

You must choose to declare your God given righteousness over your failures. You must choose to meditate on the WORD until it becomes a part of YOU.

The truth is, if your soul is healthy then it affects your will and your will affects your choices. Focusing on all of your failures and flaws will never get you anywhere in the fight of faith! It becomes like a viscous cycle.

WE MUST LEARN HOW TO FIGHT these temptations not in our own strength or natural willpower but by relying on the Holy Spirit! When we meditate on the word, the Holy Spirit will remind us of the word at just the right time. And it is then that we can FIGHT with the word! By meditating on the word daily we are letting the word become a part of us until we can't help but speak it out!

This is where the power lies! When we combat the enemy by speaking God's word it's like throwing our best punch at the devil! And by winning this battle in our minds it frees us up to do what we were made to do; to serve others in LOVE and GRACE!

We don't have to look far in our American culture to see that we are starving for heroes! Just look at the movies we are drawn to! They keep making superhero movies until Batman has to fight Superman!

But the question is where are the true heroes; The ones who know how to fight the good fight of faith? I can name mine and her name is Christine Cain. She is the founder of A21 an organization that rescues woman and girls from slave trafficking. A true BEAST! I once listened to a message she gave where she spoke about the lack of workers in the kingdom of God and how we have plenty of critiques of the church and plenty of self promoters on social media but not many workers!

She talked about her work in youth ministry in obscurity for many years before she traveled around the globe and spoke to thousands of people. She talked about the attacks on her life and the FIGHT OF FAITH she had fought over and over again even when she got a bad report from the doctor (cancer of the throat)! She is a small Greek woman but she sure can preach and her Spirit of Faith was evident as she spoke! Given up for adoption at a young age, Christine struggled with her sense of identity and WON when she learned how to fight the fight of faith well!

In the heart of every believer there is a calling to fight for righteousness! It's in our DNA! We have to be willing to say, "I don't care if I get hurt in the process - I will take the ammunition of Gods word to my generation!"

My favorite song at the moment (it’s on repeat) is by Jesus Culture and it says, "Set me ABLAZE till it's all that I live for." Let that be the cry of your heart! That this good fight of faith is all that's truly worth living for!

My favorite scriptures that I use to fight my fights are the “In Christ” scriptures specifically the message translation of 2 Corinthians 5:17. Start creating your list of fighting words scriptures so you can be ready to fight because as Christians we must be prepared to fight the good fight with our words and fight for RIGHTEOUSNESS!