Everyday Choices

Today I’m supposed to write a blog. Have something important to say that will inspire you or enlighten you.

Today I’m supposed to be able to quote off scriptures that are great to reference what I’m talking about, which if I’m being honest, I’m not really even sure what that is.

Today I’m supposed to smile (not just because I happen to look amazing today) but because otherwise people think something is wrong. Which, one could argue that something is in fact wrong but it would be a total waste of their energy because the only thing that is wrong with me today is that I actually forced myself out of bed this morning.

Yup I completely disregarded my alarm. Twice!

I rolled out of bed in just enough time to throw on workout clothes and make it to my class on time. (We are at the end of a challenge and I shall not fail)

And on top of all that, guess what happened to be the discussion we talked about for over an hour last night at kickback?

Everyday Choices. (Pastor David even preached about this about 2 weeks ago.)

Last night we talked about how sometimes we find ourselves making the same exact choices over and over again that lead us down a crazy, destructive, all consuming, no turning back may as well just keep running the path straight to HELL…

OK, dramatic I know, but if you haven’t thought to yourself that you were going to get in major trouble or miss out on some huge life blessing for something seemingly petty in the last month even though you know that’s not entirely how it works… I want you to council me (I pay minimum wage and know CPR and First Aid so I could effectively be your doctor as well).

My never ending cycle of struggle is that I haven’t been making time for a consistent dialog with God. I have tried simply willing myself to do it but I’ve also tried willing myself not to eat a warm doughnut when I’m craving it and quite frankly it’s a loosing battle every time. Sugar 1 Destinee 0.

After last nights discussion I thought for sure that I would immediately make some changes and be on the path to early rising in the morning, making an amazing tasting robust cup of tea and having lovely devotional time before 530am.

Why? Because it would be my choice. And I had just been encouraged by many of my peers that I was more than able to make changes in my daily schedule in order to reach my goals.

There were so many great points brought up last night and I’m going to list some of them here because apparently 530am Destinee forgot about half of them.

  • Especially in the mornings, you are fighting your flesh. Take Heart. It’s a fight many people fight as well.
  • What you feed yourself is what will come out. Sometimes a simple examination of the root of your problem cycle can make the solution more clear (you cuss too much…is there a lot of cussing in the music and TV you watch?)
  • Try something unorthodox. I want to increase devotional time daily, and since mornings suck I could try leaving my devotion book at work to do during lunch or removing electronics 30min before bed.
  • Get an Accountability Partner. They aren’t just for your walk with Jesus either these are life accountability partners for everything from money management, to food consumption or whatever you need. And it doesn’t have to be the same person for everything.
  • Everyday make the choice to believe that God’s got you and he’s go every single one of your issues that you have already given up to him in the past. Everyday. (You need healing, claim it every day.)

530 am Destinee forgot about grace. She forgot that just because I missed it in the morning doesn’t mean I had to miss it all day. Plenty of hours left in the day to get that time in. My accountability people helped me remember that.

By the time bed time rolled around I was exhausted. But I put my phone down, grabbed one of the 9 books on the side of my bed that ive been putting off for months, and began reading. It was an amazing few pages of encouragement that put me in the best sleep that I’ve had in days! Woke up the next morning 15 minutes before my alarm and I tell yah, staying up those extra few minutes to let God pour into my life was totally worth it!

I count that as win #1 & #2

And I plan on continuing to count each and every success no matter how many fails are in-between because they are all steps forward and they all matter.

Remember my doughnut battle from earlier? Perhaps the reason that’s typically a loosing battle for me is that im running from sugary greatness but never fully establish what it is that im running towards. It’s just “Don’t eat the doughnut.” Running away implies that you are also running towards something else. Establishing that destination makes the departure a bit easier and more exciting to handle. But It’s still a choice to be made EVERYDAY!


The lords been drilling that one word in my head consistently and I plan on holding onto it.

I want to leave you with a part of a devotional that has really helped me in this area. Its from “Simple Pursuit: A heart After Jesus” by Passion Publishing

There is a way out; you can’t run from something without running toward something else. Jesus doesn’t want our “put together” mask; He wants to meet us as we are – he wants the real us. If we turn from the world, fleeing the passions that only rob us of true life, we’ll come face-to-face with a Savior who loves us regardless of our past. You have been given the choice: What are you going to run toward? Will you run toward Jesus?